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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Turn off the TV Exercise

Fill in all the gaps/blanks using the new vocabulary

commercials / couch potato / documentary / drama / kick back / Nope / prime-time / sitcom / trials and tribulations / trivia
Janet: Let's do something! Why don't we go out for dinner or go dancing.

Jack: I'm watching TV.

Janet: You're always watching TV. Stop being such a . Get up, and let's do something!

Jack: I am doing something. I'm watching TV.

Janet: You're always watching some stupid . It's a waste of time, and a waste of brain power.

Jack: Sometimes it's nice just to , relax and laugh a little. There is nothing wrong with a little comedy in one's life. In fact, that's why I married you.

Janet: Ha, ha! VERY FUNNY!

Jack: Besides, I am watching something serious.

Janet: What? I bet it's some ridiculous with perfect looking people complaining about the of daily life.

Jack: , wrong again.

Janet: Then it must be a news program describing how some woman went crazy and killed her husband.

Jack: No, I watched that last night. You had better guess quickly - the are almost over.

Janet: Is it a murder mystery? Or some science fiction show like Star Trek?

Jack: No.

Janet: A game show where they test your knowledge of useless ?

Jack: No, it's a on dolphins in the Caribbean.

Janet: Hey, that sounds interesting!

Jack: Why don't we make some popcorn and then watch the rest of it together.

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