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Sunday, April 8, 2007


to crack up V. to laugh uncontrollably, to laugh a lot
dry A. not obvious, subtle (sense of humor)
to giggle V. to laugh a little without opening your mouth very much
humorous A. funny, amusing
an impression N. the act of speaking or singing like a famous person
to kid V. to make jokes, to joke with someone; to not be serious about something
a stand-up comedian N. a person who entertains by telling humorous stories and jokes; a professional comedian who performs live
silly A. funny in a slightly stupid way; funny in a way which is not really intelligent or sophisticated
twisted A. 1) sick, disgusting, abnormal 2) using sick or disgusting things in a humorous way
witty A. 1) funny in an intelligent way 2) full of fast, humorous responses

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