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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Comprehension 1

English Lesson - Reading Comprehension

Here is a boy. His name is Zack and he’s 10 years old. He has short curly hair and he has small eyes. He studies English at Oxford Utomo. He lives with his mother. Zack has two sisters and one brother. Zack gets up at 4.30 in the morning. After he gets up, he washes his face and he helps his mother. He cleans the house, he washes the dishes. Zack showers at 5.30 and after that he gets dressed and combs his hair. He walks to school at 6.00. Zack likes English and Science. He studies English at Oxford Utomo on Monday and Thursday. He goes home from school at 12.15.

  1. What’s the name of the boy?
  2. How old is he?
  3. What time does he get up?
  4. Does he yawn in the morning?
  5. Where does he study English?
  6. Does he like English?
  7. What does Zack look like?
  8. Does he have long hair?
  9. What time does he shower?
  10. Does he live with his uncle?
  11. Does he have two brothers?
  12. How many brothers and sister does he have?
  13. Does he help his mother?
  14. What time does he walk to school?
  15. Does he comb his hair?
  16. Does he watch TV in the morning?

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