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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Comprehension 5

Reading Comprehension
In a Bookshop

It was a holiday last friday. My father did not go to work and I did not go to school. My father took me to a book shop. We wanted to buy some books. I saw many people in the book shop. They bought school books for their children. Merry's father adn mother were also there, but I didn't see merry herself.My father bought me two story books. their cost one dollar and a half. My father paid the clerk two dollars, and the clerk paid back the change of half a dollar. Then we went home.

  1. Did your father go to work?
  2. Did you go to school?
  3. Where did your father take you?
  4. What did you see in the book shop?
  5. Did you see Merry there?
  6. Did you see Anto?
  7. What did your farher buy you?
  8. How many dollar did your father pay to the clerk?

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