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Monday, January 7, 2008

Comprehension 7

Reading Comprehension
Martha Khristina Tiahahu

Marta Khristina Tiahahu is the youngest hero in Indonesia at the present time. She was born in 1800 in Nusa Laut, Maluku island. Marta Khristina Tiahahu was the daughter of Captain Paulus. Captain Paulus was a leader of the troops in Nusa Laut. Marta Khristina Tiahahu was 17 years old at the time. And her father fought against the Dutchmen in Saparua. Her battle was very tremendous at the time. Marta Khristina followed her father. She saw the cruelty of the Dutchmen to the people of Indonesia.

Unfortunately, the Dutchmen could seize her father. And the troops of the Dutchmen pronounced the death sentence on November 17th 1817. Marta Khristina Tiahahu was very sad. Her blood was impetuous. She hated the Dutchmen very much.

After her father’s death, Marta Khristina Tiahahu entered the forest with her troops. She wanted to continue her father’s struggle. Unfortunately, the troops of the Dutchmen could seize her troops. Then the government of the Dutchmen sent Marta Khristina to java island. In order that, she did force work in the coffee plantations. Unfortunately, Marta Khristina was sick on board. She didn’t want to eat and drink. Even, she refused to drink medicine. So, Marta Khristina was seriously ill. Finally, she passed away. Then the Dutchmen on the ship buried her dead body into the sea between Buru island and Tiga island. It’s right Marta Khristina Tiahahu is a woman hero. She has the steel heart to stand motherland.

Source: Collection of translation of the students of Oxford utomo

1. When was Martha Khristina born?
2. Where was she from?
3. How old was she at the time?

4. How did Martha Khristina Tiahahu pass away
5. Who was her father?
6. What is the main idea in paragraph two?
7. When did her father pass away?
8. What happened with Martha Khristina Tiahahu after her father passed away?
9. What happened with her after the troops of the Dutchmen could seize her troops?
10.Where did the Dutchmen bury her dead body?

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