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Friday, October 24, 2008

February 14th

Every year, Valentine's Day is celebrated every Febuary the 14th. In some parts of the world that celebrate it, that day is a chance for girls to express their feelings to the guy that they like. In other parts of the world that also celebrate it, the day is a suitable time for every couple to spend time together.
Valentine's Day is indeed identical with For-Couples' Day. How about the people, who are still single and not attached?
Valentine's Day is a day about love and affection. This day can be used to share love, not only to your girlfriend or boyfriends, but also to friends, brothers and sisters, parents, and every one that you love.
On the Valentine's Day there are a lot of things that can be done, even for a bunch of singles. So, what are those places?
1. Cinema
Cinema is indeed a fun place to spend time and immerse yourself in the story, both alone and together. Cinemas usually shows new love-themed movies. If you don't want to be disturbed by couples who are in love, we suggest you to avoid those kind of movies and to avoid seats that are located far from the walk path (that is, near the wall). We suggest you to watch scary movies, tense movies, or at least action movies.
2. Dining Place
Dining place is a fun place to spend time by enjoying the food and communicate with each other together. If you don't want to be disturbed by couples who are in love, we suggest you to avoid dining places that are dim and the tables that are near to tables used for two people.
3. Playground
Playground is a fun place to spend time by playing together. If you don't want to be disturbed by couples who are in love, we suggest you to avoid games that can be done by two people and avoid quiet places (you may see things that will make you feel uneasy).
4. Karaoke room
Karaoke rooms are fun places to spend time by singing and enjoying the music together. I am sure that singing is a thing that almost all people can do.
5. Bed
For some of you that haven't had any partner or girlfriend or boyfriend, it may be good to try to relax at a bed, but don't fall asleep. At that place you can muse about your fate, blame yourself, seek the reason why yourself is still unattached, and hit your own head. Oops, all of them are wrong. I mean, in the bed, you may do something productive. For example, get your mobile phone, and call your friends who are unattached too, then you can discuss what will be done if you get a boyfriend or girlfriend, then it can be your source of inspiration for your next novel. Or, decide on what conditions to accept your future boyfriend or girlfriend. If in the real world you are unattached, if you suddenly fall asleep, you may get a boyfriend or girlfriend in the dream world.
6. Bathroom
Usually, when you have a shower, the hands are active to do routine tasks. However, since it is so routine, your brain doesn't work so hard. So, in this condition, you can think about the same think as described in the previous point. Unfortunately it is strange to take a bath in groups. So you may move to a swimming pool.
7. Shooping mall
After you eat together, of course it is not good to change place and eat again, because you may be sick together. Maybe it is good to go to a shopping mall like department store, where you can chat about the things available there and add up the togetherness. If you don't want to be disturbed by couples who are in love, we suggest you to go out from the shopping mall (Oh, I'm tired).
At last, those places may become alternatives for you to spend time on the Valentine's Day. Other than those places, definitely there are more places that can be visited.
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