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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Comprehension 4

Reading Comprehension
Selling Newspapers for Pocket Money

Yanto doesn't live very far from my house. He goes to Junior High School in the afternoon and in the morning he sells newspaper around our neighbourhood. His father was a government employee. He retired two years ago. Now he runs a small shop beside their house. We can buy groceries in Mr. Mario’s shop. The prices are reasonable. So, people like to go shopping there.

Yanto can collect six to seven hundred rupiahs from selling newspaper everyday. He spends it for his pocket money. Yanto saves some of his money in the bank.

Two months ago, during the school holiday, Yanto withdrew some money from the bank and with his family he went to visit his grandmother. Mrs. Mario’s mother was happy to see her daughter, son-in-law, and her grandchildren. They stayed for aweek in Kampung Tanjung. Yanto, his sister, and his little brother enjoyed the holiday very much. They went to the rice fields, swam in the river, and learnt some Javanese songs from the village children. Yanto promised himself to come again the following year.

  1. Who is Anto?
  2. Where does he go to school?
  3. What does he do in the morning?:
  4. What's Anto's father's name?
  5. How many sisters and brothers does Anto have?
  6. What's Anto' father's occupation before he runs a small shop?
  7. How's Anto's father's small shop?
  8. "The price are reasonable. So, people like to go shopping there". The word "there"refers to?
  9. What is the main idea of paragraph two?
  10. How much money can Anto collect from selling newapaper?
  11. Where did Anto go during the school holiday?
  12. How long did Anto and his family stay there?
  13. What did Anto and his sister do there?
  14. Did Anto enjoy to stay there?

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