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Monday, January 7, 2008

Comprehension 7

Reading Comprehension
Martha Khristina Tiahahu

Marta Khristina Tiahahu is the youngest hero in Indonesia at the present time. She was born in 1800 in Nusa Laut, Maluku island. Marta Khristina Tiahahu was the daughter of Captain Paulus. Captain Paulus was a leader of the troops in Nusa Laut. Marta Khristina Tiahahu was 17 years old at the time. And her father fought against the Dutchmen in Saparua. Her battle was very tremendous at the time. Marta Khristina followed her father. She saw the cruelty of the Dutchmen to the people of Indonesia.

Unfortunately, the Dutchmen could seize her father. And the troops of the Dutchmen pronounced the death sentence on November 17th 1817. Marta Khristina Tiahahu was very sad. Her blood was impetuous. She hated the Dutchmen very much.

After her father’s death, Marta Khristina Tiahahu entered the forest with her troops. She wanted to continue her father’s struggle. Unfortunately, the troops of the Dutchmen could seize her troops. Then the government of the Dutchmen sent Marta Khristina to java island. In order that, she did force work in the coffee plantations. Unfortunately, Marta Khristina was sick on board. She didn’t want to eat and drink. Even, she refused to drink medicine. So, Marta Khristina was seriously ill. Finally, she passed away. Then the Dutchmen on the ship buried her dead body into the sea between Buru island and Tiga island. It’s right Marta Khristina Tiahahu is a woman hero. She has the steel heart to stand motherland.

Source: Collection of translation of the students of Oxford utomo

1. When was Martha Khristina born?
2. Where was she from?
3. How old was she at the time?

4. How did Martha Khristina Tiahahu pass away
5. Who was her father?
6. What is the main idea in paragraph two?
7. When did her father pass away?
8. What happened with Martha Khristina Tiahahu after her father passed away?
9. What happened with her after the troops of the Dutchmen could seize her troops?
10.Where did the Dutchmen bury her dead body?

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Comprehension 6

Reading Comprehension
Cut Muetia

Cut Muetia who was born in 1870, came an Aceh Moslem family. When she was young, Aceh war exploded. The puberty of Cut Muetia was dark because of the coming of the troops of the Dutchmen to Aceh land. The war condition influenced the spirit of Cut Muetia that she hated the Dutchmen very much. Because the coming of the Dutchmen to Aceh land brought poverty disasters to unsinful people of Aceh. After Cut Muetia got married with a man who led the people of Aceh, her dream became true. She wanted to chase away the Dutchmen from Aceh land.
After Cut Muetia got married, she and her husband shaped solid troops. Cut Muetia and her troops wanted to stand the motherland. They began to attack the patrol of the Dutchmen who patrolled in Aceh land. In fact, they were always successful to shatter the troops of the Dutchmen patrol. Sometimes Cut Muetia and her troops attacked fortresses of the Dutchmen out side of the city. Even, they smashed the head of quarters of the government of the the Dutchmen in Aceh land. The movement of Cut Muetia with her troops became a big obstruction to the troops of the Dutchmen. Because the movement of Cut Muetia became a big obstruction to the troops of the Dutchmen, the troops of the Dutchmen flattered Cut Muetia in order that Cut Muetia surrendered. Cut Muetia redused the flattery at once.
The troops of the Dutchmen began to shatter the troops of cut deadly that the troops of Cut Muetia were getting smaller. The troops of Cut Muetia who were getting smaller accomplished guerilla war in the forests and on the mountains day and night. In a contact war, one or the troops of the Dutchmen shot the leg of Cut Muetia so that she fell down. Cut Muetia didn’t pass away at the time. Cut Muetia stood again quickly and she killed some of the tropps of the Dutchmen who would shoot her again. After that Cut Muetia rolled on the land, she was safe. Unfortunately, some of the bullets of the troops of the Dutchmen holed the body of Cut Muetiaand she was killed in the battle in 1910. Her son Raja Sabil who was 11 (eleven) years old took a part in the war. The rest of the troops of Cut Muetia continued the pure struggle of Cut Muetia. Cut Muetia already showed her courage to chase away the Dutchmen from Aceh land. The government of the Republic of Indonesia considerers that Cut Muetia is one of the national heroes of the Republic of Indonesia at the present time.

Taken from:
collection of translation of the students of OXFORD UTOMO
  1. When was Cut Muetia born?
  2. Who was the name of Cut Muetia's child?
  3. What happened with her when she was young?
  4. Where did she come from?
  5. Why did Cut Muetia hate the Dutchmen?
  6. With who did Cut Muetia get married at the time?
  7. What did Cut Muetia and her husband do to stand the motherland?
  8. What did Cut Muetia do when the Dutchmen flatter her?
  9. What did she do and her troops when the troops were getting smaller?
  10. When did Cut Muetia pass away?

Comprehension 5

Reading Comprehension
In a Bookshop

It was a holiday last friday. My father did not go to work and I did not go to school. My father took me to a book shop. We wanted to buy some books. I saw many people in the book shop. They bought school books for their children. Merry's father adn mother were also there, but I didn't see merry herself.My father bought me two story books. their cost one dollar and a half. My father paid the clerk two dollars, and the clerk paid back the change of half a dollar. Then we went home.

  1. Did your father go to work?
  2. Did you go to school?
  3. Where did your father take you?
  4. What did you see in the book shop?
  5. Did you see Merry there?
  6. Did you see Anto?
  7. What did your farher buy you?
  8. How many dollar did your father pay to the clerk?

Comprehension 4

Reading Comprehension
Selling Newspapers for Pocket Money

Yanto doesn't live very far from my house. He goes to Junior High School in the afternoon and in the morning he sells newspaper around our neighbourhood. His father was a government employee. He retired two years ago. Now he runs a small shop beside their house. We can buy groceries in Mr. Mario’s shop. The prices are reasonable. So, people like to go shopping there.

Yanto can collect six to seven hundred rupiahs from selling newspaper everyday. He spends it for his pocket money. Yanto saves some of his money in the bank.

Two months ago, during the school holiday, Yanto withdrew some money from the bank and with his family he went to visit his grandmother. Mrs. Mario’s mother was happy to see her daughter, son-in-law, and her grandchildren. They stayed for aweek in Kampung Tanjung. Yanto, his sister, and his little brother enjoyed the holiday very much. They went to the rice fields, swam in the river, and learnt some Javanese songs from the village children. Yanto promised himself to come again the following year.

  1. Who is Anto?
  2. Where does he go to school?
  3. What does he do in the morning?:
  4. What's Anto's father's name?
  5. How many sisters and brothers does Anto have?
  6. What's Anto' father's occupation before he runs a small shop?
  7. How's Anto's father's small shop?
  8. "The price are reasonable. So, people like to go shopping there". The word "there"refers to?
  9. What is the main idea of paragraph two?
  10. How much money can Anto collect from selling newapaper?
  11. Where did Anto go during the school holiday?
  12. How long did Anto and his family stay there?
  13. What did Anto and his sister do there?
  14. Did Anto enjoy to stay there?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Comprehension 3

Reading Comprehension
Brian's Typical Day

Everyday morning, on a school day, my alarm goes off at 6:30. But I usually turn it off and close my eyes again. Of course, it’s never easy to go back to sleep after the alarm goes off, so I get up.

I do the same thing everyday. First, I take a shower and get dressed for school. Then I eat breakfast. After that, I brush my teeth. I sometimes have cereal. But I usually just grab a banana and eat it at the bus stop. My bus leaves at exactly 7:30.

School starts at 8:00 I’m never late for school. Lunch break is at 12:00. On nice days, my friends and I sometimes sit outside. Classes end at 3:00, but I never get home until after 6:00. I am on the track and field team, and I practice after school. After practice, I usually go to the gym.

On Saturdays, my school team often competes with teams from other schools. My dad always watches me when I compete. I’m always tired after a competition, but I don’t mind it. I love running.

Sunday is my favorite day. It’s usually my lazy day, and I love it.

  1. What time does Brian get up?
  2. What does Brian have for breakfast?
  3. What does he do after school?
  4. What time does the school start?
  5. sport does Brian like?
  6. What are their favorite sports?

Comprehension 2

Reading Comprehension
Joy Walsh

Hi, my name is Joy Walsh. I’m in sixth grade here in Alberta. Do you know where Alberta is? It’s in Canada.

My class would like to e-mail students from other countries. We’re 11 to 12 yeats old. We all like sports. Our favorite sports are hockey, skiing and snowboarding. We also like movies and music.

You can write to my class and other students from around the world at
www.epals.com. In your e-mail, please tell us where you’re from, your age and your favorite things to do.

I hope to get your e-mail soon.


  1. What’s the e-mail writer’s name?
  2. Where’s she from?
  3. What’s her nationality?
  4. How old are the students in her class?
  5. What are their favorite sports?

Comprehension 1

English Lesson - Reading Comprehension

Here is a boy. His name is Zack and he’s 10 years old. He has short curly hair and he has small eyes. He studies English at Oxford Utomo. He lives with his mother. Zack has two sisters and one brother. Zack gets up at 4.30 in the morning. After he gets up, he washes his face and he helps his mother. He cleans the house, he washes the dishes. Zack showers at 5.30 and after that he gets dressed and combs his hair. He walks to school at 6.00. Zack likes English and Science. He studies English at Oxford Utomo on Monday and Thursday. He goes home from school at 12.15.

  1. What’s the name of the boy?
  2. How old is he?
  3. What time does he get up?
  4. Does he yawn in the morning?
  5. Where does he study English?
  6. Does he like English?
  7. What does Zack look like?
  8. Does he have long hair?
  9. What time does he shower?
  10. Does he live with his uncle?
  11. Does he have two brothers?
  12. How many brothers and sister does he have?
  13. Does he help his mother?
  14. What time does he walk to school?
  15. Does he comb his hair?
  16. Does he watch TV in the morning?

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