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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Turn off the TV Exercise

Fill in all the gaps/blanks using the new vocabulary

commercials / couch potato / documentary / drama / kick back / Nope / prime-time / sitcom / trials and tribulations / trivia
Janet: Let's do something! Why don't we go out for dinner or go dancing.

Jack: I'm watching TV.

Janet: You're always watching TV. Stop being such a . Get up, and let's do something!

Jack: I am doing something. I'm watching TV.

Janet: You're always watching some stupid . It's a waste of time, and a waste of brain power.

Jack: Sometimes it's nice just to , relax and laugh a little. There is nothing wrong with a little comedy in one's life. In fact, that's why I married you.

Janet: Ha, ha! VERY FUNNY!

Jack: Besides, I am watching something serious.

Janet: What? I bet it's some ridiculous with perfect looking people complaining about the of daily life.

Jack: , wrong again.

Janet: Then it must be a news program describing how some woman went crazy and killed her husband.

Jack: No, I watched that last night. You had better guess quickly - the are almost over.

Janet: Is it a murder mystery? Or some science fiction show like Star Trek?

Jack: No.

Janet: A game show where they test your knowledge of useless ?

Jack: No, it's a on dolphins in the Caribbean.

Janet: Hey, that sounds interesting!

Jack: Why don't we make some popcorn and then watch the rest of it together.

Turn off the TV

a commercial N. an advertisement on TV
a couch potato N. a lazy person who sits around all day watching TV
a documentary N. an educational TV program or movie usually describing nature or history
a drama N. a serious TV program, movie or play that involves all the emotions
to kick back V. to sit in a big comfortable chair or lie on a couch and relax
nope this is an informal way of saying "no"
prime-time A. between 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM every night
This expression is used when referring to the television schedule.
prime time

N. the time between 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM every night
The most popular shows are shown during prime time.
a sitcom N. a half-hour comedy show
trials and tribulations N. problems and difficulties of life
trivia N. unimportant or useless information


to crack up V. to laugh uncontrollably, to laugh a lot
dry A. not obvious, subtle (sense of humor)
to giggle V. to laugh a little without opening your mouth very much
humorous A. funny, amusing
an impression N. the act of speaking or singing like a famous person
to kid V. to make jokes, to joke with someone; to not be serious about something
a stand-up comedian N. a person who entertains by telling humorous stories and jokes; a professional comedian who performs live
silly A. funny in a slightly stupid way; funny in a way which is not really intelligent or sophisticated
twisted A. 1) sick, disgusting, abnormal 2) using sick or disgusting things in a humorous way
witty A. 1) funny in an intelligent way 2) full of fast, humorous responses

Entertaining Films

alternative A. something which is done in a different way, not done in the normal way
In the U.S., alternative films are usually artistic films or foreign language films.
artsy A. extremely artistic, overly artistic, too artistic
This often suggests that someone tried too hard to make something artistic.
entertaining A. something which entertains; amusing and interesting
hilarious A. something which is very funny; something which makes you laugh
intense A. 1) containing strong emotions or feelings 2) extreme
An intense film is one which emotionally drains you or makes you tired. Intense is not necessarily negative, it just means that a movie is not light or relaxing.
light A. relaxing, amusing, not too intense
This is the opposite of "intense."
mainstream A. something which is usual, or commonly done
Mainstream films are those which are usually high-budget, popular, and made for entertainment. "Mainstream" is the opposite of "alternative."
superficial A. 1) not deep or profound; lacking real content 2) only on the surface
suspenseful A. something which makes you keep guessing or makes you question how something will end
thought-provoking A. something which makes you think used to describe many different things, such as movies, books, conversations, ideas, issues, etc.


a browser N. a program used to view the Internet Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox are examples of popular Internet browsers.

to click V. 1) to press the button on a computer mouse 2) to make a small, sharp sound

a click N. 1) the pressing of the mouse button 2) a small, sharp sound

content N. subject matter; the main idea of a book, a paper or a web page

to copyright V. to legally protect content with a copyright

a copyright N. the right in law to be the only producer, seller or distributor of a book, a play or a web page

to design V. to artistically arrange the shape or layout of something

a design N. 1) the artistic shape or layout of something 2) an architectural or technical plan for something

to format V. to determine the size, shape and form of a written document

a format N. the size, shape and form of a written document

infringement N. breaking a law or rule, disregarding a legal protection

Internet (Net) N. a series of interconnected computers and databases around the world

to lay out V. to design the technical arrangement of a web page, building, garden, etc.

a layout N. the technical arrangement of a web page, building, garden, etc.

World Wide Web (Web) N. a series of commercial, educational and governmental web pages on the Internet

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