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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Speech Contest and "going to Mekarsari"

Today Monday, May 31st we are going to Mekarsari. We go from Oxford Utomo at 7.00 a.m in the morning. In this event we have a lot of programs such as final speech contest, group yell-yell, sing a song and many programs that held by Mekarsari. This event guided by the MC M. Faiz and Andy Sarah. They guided the event well.

In final of speech contest, there are eight stutdents that have been the best of each class. They are Raihan from level one of Pre children class of afternoon class, Raffi from level two of pre children class of evening class, Kartika Nisa from level two of pre children class of afternoon class, Melati from level two of children class of afternoon class, Ibat form level three of children class, Fadila from level one of Junior Class of evening class, Nita from level two of Junior Class of afternoon class, Reina Fattah from level three of Junior class of evening class.

The specch contest that we held, it consist of two parts, the first part for level Ppre Children Class and the second part for level Children Class and Junior Class. Also to measure or for the scoring we have pronunci ation, intonation, body language and fluences.

For the group Yell-yell, all the students perform their creativity by singing, etc. And for the sing of "loo bee loo" song they also perform their creativity and togetherness in their group by the song of "loo bee loo"

The final of speech contes we'll find the first and the second winner for second winner. For level Pre Children Class, they have "reading the Golden Words" and for level Children class and Junior class, they have "speakin English Speech". After all the participant finished, we got the second winner of "reading the Golden Words" is Reihan from level one of Pre Children Class and for the first winner is Kartika Nisa from level two of children class. Also for the second winner of "Speaking English Speech" is Reine Fatah from level three of Junior Class and for the first winner is Fadila from level one of Junior Class.

We have many programs in this event. One of them is "fun with nuture" it guided form Mekarsai. This program have to follow instructure. After we have finished for the speech contest we follow the instruction to planted the rice paddy after that they showered for the buffollo also we painted the "caping" and then we went arround by boat to the other place, there. Then, when we went back, we stoped at "Pak Leo" tree house for taking pictures.

Finally we went back to front for free time and prepared for going home. We finished for our free time and praparin then we went home by bus. On the way home we got traffic jam it mada us tired. Therefore we must be patient in the bus. And finaly we arrived at OXFORD UTOMO at 7.00 pm in the evening. Actually we were tired but we were happy and had fun together with our friends and all the students of OXFORD UTOMO.

We hope, there will be events like this in the future.

2 Comentários:

Data Pribadi Q said...

Ke Mekarsari emang menyenangkan yach!! kapan lagi sich kesana.... Ngomong-ngomong koq foto gue dikit bangt'z siCh dibLOg Oxford, giliran adHa fOTho ghuE jeleQ. AdHa .nYng punggung'y doang, rambyuT.nya doang. Tapi sicH gX pHa2, menUrut guE sich yG ngAx iQUt nyEsel BangeT......

raFFa FLaUn said...

Kaya'nya asik banged yaah k'Mekar Sari'nya, huuffft* sayang banget aq gak ikut. Aq jadi gak ngerasa'in. Aq kan pengen mandiin Kerbau, secara disini gak ada Kerbau. Aq juga pengen ngelukis caping, disini mana ada topi caping dilukis pula lagi. Aq jadi agak nyesel gak ikut k'Mekar Sari. Aq suka iri kalau temen-tmen aq yang les d'OXFORD UTOMO pada ngomongin soal k'Mekar Sari. Aq gak bisa ikutan ngobrol tentang k'Mekar Sari deh...

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