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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Facebook (the founder)

Right now, this word is “crazy” about facebook. Imagine that, by face book thousand people all over the world could share photos, information, comments, stories, hope, dreams and so on so far. Many facebook users are crazy with this site. And who’s the creator of facebook? The creator is not at all Mark Zuckerberg, who is 25 years old man. He’s still young. Due to facebook, now Zuckerberg changed to be the youngest billionaire.

Crazy about computer

Zuckerberg was born in New York, United States on May 14th 1984. Zuckerberg who comes from a rich family is a second child of four brothers and sisters. He passed his childhood in one of elite area, Dobbs Ferry, New York. His father, Edward Zuckerberg is a dentist and his mother, Karen works as psychiatrist.

Since in elementary school, Zuckerberg really likes playing computer. He doesn’t only enjoy staring to the various games but also, he masters in many computer programs. Beside that, he really likes to modify computer software that installed in the computer. In the youngest age, he could fix the computer. Yes, Zuckerberg is really crazy in computer.

Smart and Clever

Zuckerberg is indeed a smart boy. Beside he masters in computer in fact, in his junior high school he also able to show the other his wonderful talents. Zuckerberg had chosen as a math team in his school and got in to Olympiad team. He also joined in to music group and became a member of Latin language fans club.

In other word, Zuckerberg has lots of interests, and more which is related to science and technology. Unfortunately, not many people realize that in fact Zuckerberg is also good in fencing. He always exercise fencing and even active competes to represent his school.

Active to create

When he got into Ardsley senior high school, his interest got into computer things points. In other word, every time Zuckerberg always think about computer. Not for the other. After he moved to Plillips Exeter Academy, New Hampshire, he still kept in his attention in computer.

In same level as senior high school that Zuckerberg got more creative with the computer without feeling tired. He doesn’t want to be only the computer user, but more than that. He wants to be a great software engineer (creator). Graduated from Senior high school, Zuckerberg continued his study in Harvard University, majoring psychology. Even thought in psychology, his interest and attention are still in computer.

From Facemash to Facebook

In the begging, Zuckerberg made Synapse program, it’s a music player program and also could track down its music player taste. Then, Zuckerberg made Coursematch program that could able the collegians write their time tables in this site and look for their other friends who take the certain time table.

From Coursematch, Zuckerberg made Facemash. By the facemash program, Zuckerberg could take his friends photos that registered in Harvard University. But by this program Zuckerberg got punishment and his facemash is closed. Zuckerberg didn’t get hopeless and continue to develop facemash to be facebook.

A common Billionaire

Because of he really enjoy designing facebook, unfortunately, he left his college in Harvard. What can’t it says? Soon facebook has known all over the world. Since it launched on February 4th 2004, and now it recorded, more than thousands people in active use facebook, included by iPhone and Blackberry. And this amount is getting more day by day.

Due to facebook, Zuckerberg changed to the youngest Billionaire. Now his asset is around over 14 billion rupiah. Every day, Zuckerberg goes to his office in Palo Alto, California that occupies in several buildings. However he’s rich, in fact Zuckerberg still live in normal way. Every day, he lives in a room in a common apartment. He usually takes a walk or riding a bike to his office.

1. Who’s the founder of “facebook”?
2. When did “facebool” launch?
3. When was he born?
4. What is the main idea of paragraph two?
5. What was his activity in senior high school?
6. Does he come from a poor family?
7. Who’s his father?
8. What’s his mother name?
9. Where did he go to school?
10. What’s his interest?
11. What’s Synapse program?
12. What’s “facemash”?
13. What’s the main idea of the last paragraph?
14. What is the main idea of paragraph six?
15. Where did he go after he graduate from senior high school?
16. Is he crazy?
17. What does he want to be?
18. What’s Coursematch?
19. What happened with Facemash?
20. Make summarize of the story, use your own words and present to your friends! (more than 100 words)


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